Arianna - Wire Pulling Kit

Technical specifications

Category: PressesApplications Office chairs

Quarrata Forniture is proud to display 'Arianna' that comes from a long time experience in researching and projecting. Arianna is the perfect way to upholster office or furnishing chairs, making high-quality and quick-finished upholsterings. Arianna system can be both installed on Adjustable Press or on Standard Press. Arianna is a low-cost system which performs the upholstery binding in a very fast and simple way on many different models of backrests and seats and is able to assure high productivity and standardization of the finishg. The table's height is adjustable to assure the best comfort to the users.


Technical specifications

  • Accessories: adjustable system in size
  • Code: PRS00019
  • Dimension: 166 x 48 cm in width ( besides the press where the system is installed on)
  • Drive: pedal drive
  • note: only for the Standard or Adjustable presses
  • operation: pneumatic
  • weight: 38 Kg
  • Width: 38 kg