All Stars Press

Technical specifications

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"All Stars" is the result of a long experience, research and design in upholstery machines. "All Stars" press is providedby long pneumatic cylinders to assure a quick and effective pulling of the string and by a soft working table which easily get the many different shapes of the items to be upholstered. The working surface includes an heating system which allow good performances with thermal reactive and hot melt adhesives. The working table can be blocked in position when stringing but can leave it turning for the finale touch or to finish the seat or backrest by some samples. Thanks to the turning table the press can be used as well for the traditional upholstery by staples... "All Stars" is a very flexible machine, the perfect solution for upholsterers. The table's height is adjustable to assure the best comfort to the users.


Technical specifications

  • Accessories: pressure regulators for the main cylinder and the pullers
  • Dimensions: 275 cm x 150 cm x 200 cm (h)
  • Mode of operation: Main cylinder, pullers and pliers pneumatically drived
  • note: Ball bearing turning working table, pneumatically lockable in position. Pullers and pliers adjustable on the 3 axes. Air connection for pneumatic tools
  • operation: pneumatic
  • Safety equipment: Two hands safety valve
  • weight: 250 Kg