Conveyor Belt

Technical specifications

Category: Lifting TablesApplications Mattresses

Our conveyor belts are integrated and complete our bonding lines for mattresses and can be connected either to Rollflex and Multiflex system. Strong frame, simple and modern design marks our conveyor belts. The motors are synchronized with Rollflex, Multiflex or Mattresses Press and light sensors perfectly adjust the process. Our complete range includes in-feeder and out-feeder conveyor belts, mattresses assembling belts with flaps, and rollers . Our mattresses gluing lines are designed to offer unlimited possibilities and to meet any production need.

Technical specifications

  • Belt lenght: 2200 mm
  • Belt width: 2250 mm
  • Code: 521251
  • note: Compliant with CE and UL (USA) rules, easy-to-clean surface of the belt
  • Speed: 0-30 m/min