Technical specifications

Category: GluingApplications

Tornado is the new exhausting system for water-based adhesive application which can effectively remove the overspray that may appear during the spraying on this kind of products. Tornado is characterized by the fact that doesn't need to be connected with any pipe, the air is sucked from the front wall and released, filtered, from the rear wall. The system doesn't require any installation and can be placed in any location or room. Tornado can be used as suction wall, or, through the available accessories, it can be equipped with side walls, the roof or the working plate and more elements can be connected in line in order to realize the exhausting surfaces of the desired sizes. Air filtration with re-entry into the environment allows a sensible energy saving during Winter seasons, avoiding to throw out hot air. Flexibility, modular frame, ease of installation (this machine requires only electrical live wire) and energy saving are just some of the characteristics that make Tornado a unique system of its kind.


Technical specifications

  • Basic module: 200 x 60 cm
  • constructive data: Front intake through Andreae filter, rear emission through paint stop filter
  • Height: 220 cm (+ motor)
  • Installed power: Three phase electric motor