Rolljet 4.0

Technical specifications

Category: GluingApplications Mattresses

Rolljet is more than a new machine, it’s the first step toward new production technologies!

This is a brand new concept of machine, designed to improve your business.

Adhesive consumption decrease: Rolljet reduces  the consumption of adhesive up to 50%

Decrease of the necessary equipment: Rolljet is capable of doing the task which were previously performed by two or more machines

Application time decrease: the required time to apply the adhesive is cut up to the 50% when compared to hot melt systems.

It virtually operates as an office printer: the operator can choose from the total covering of the mattress surface to a wide range of customized patterns. Among these patterns, a very efficient application scheme is the “chessboard pattern” which combines a cost saving and very effective glue application.

Wheter the operator wants to apply the adhesive on the whole surface, with an elaborate pattern or just on the edges of the laye, the application time won’t change!

Moreover with this machine you will be able to produce both foam mattresses and spring mattresses: just one machine for every application!



Technical specifications

  • Adhesive tank re-filling: Automatic
  • constructive data: Main frame in 8 mm thick solid steel, roll and injectors made of stainless steel
  • Roller width: 2300 mm
  • Speed: Adjustable and electronically controlled