Technical specifications

Category: GluingApplications Mattresses

Rollflex is an adhesive application machine for foam, mattress and other such materials based on roller application technology for one-component water-based adhesives.  The machine operates via a dosing roll system.  Due to the large diameter of the rollers, the adhesive will stay fluid between the rolls, and prevent drying, even when adhesive is not dispersed from the rolls for a period of time.  Based on the special surface technology of the rollers it is possible to use both low and high viscosity adhesives with the machine.  The applying and dosing rollers are both made completely of stainless steel to provide chemical resistance and durability.  The machine is able to adjust to the thickness of the foam boards to be bonded via automatic height detection technology and all parameters are controlled via full color touch screen interface. 

Many additional options are available to customize the machine to your exact needs:  automatic adhesive refilling, customized roller widths, etc…just feel free to ask based on your specific application!  The system is also available with transport and conveyor belts based upon your needs.


Technical specifications

  • Adhesive roll diameter: 2500 mm
  • Adhesive tank re-filling: Automatic
  • constructive data: Main frame in 8mm thick solid steel, rolls made of stainless steel, automatic height detection of the foam layer and ability to follow a contoured shaped foam plate
  • Dosing roll diameter: 2200 mm
  • Roller width: 2300 mm