Master SP2 Bf

Technical specifications

Bottom Feeding

Category: GluingApplications

To meet requirements regarding the environment and workers' sp2 is our external mixing spray gun for bi-component products. Our response to enviromental needs, pollution, operator safety is specially formulated for water-based bi-component products for spraying application. The "Master sp2" spray gun has been specially designed for the application of these new products. The product and catalyser are mixed externally, during the misting phase, so that the product's reaction does not take place inside the spray gun. The special catalyser premisting technique, the basis of the design, permit perfectly even mixing of the components. Our "Eco" line for bi-component products includes, as well as spray guns, systems, pressure tanks, regulation systems and other accessories adapted to these new products.


Technical specifications

  • Adhesive nozzles available: 1,0-1,3-1,5-1,8-2,0 mm
  • constructive data: Excellent product nebulization, perfect mixing thanks to the exclusive catalyst prenebulization system, low nebulization pressure and reduction in dispersion
  • note: Fan head available on request
  • weight: 0,75 Kg