ECO Space

Technical specifications

Category: GluingApplications

ECO Space is a modular exhausting booth designed to remove the over spray caused during the application of water based adhesives, mono and bi-components. The system is fully modular and the user is free to select the wished dimensions or to expand his existing booth later according with the available elements. The booth is equipped with a sliding balancer to hold the spray gun and there is space inside for a working table of the requested type and dimension. The electro-ventilator is installed on board, the booth has two different filtering levels, a large one on the main surface and another one inside.
Walls are completely demountable to reduce the volumes and optimize the transport costs.


Technical specifications

  • Connection: Monophase + ground
  • Dimensions: 2030 x 3030 x 3040 mm
  • Frequeny: 50 hz
  • Installed power: 2,2 kw
  • Tension: 220 V