Eco CAB Motor

Technical specifications

Category: GluingApplications

ECO Cab with motor is our range of modular exhausting booths to remove the over spray dust caused during using water based bi-component adhesives. The system includes the booth, equipped with a sliding balancer to hold the spray gun, the exhausting motor installed in a sound proof cabinet, the connection pipe and several filters. Different sizes are available: 120 x 100, 200 x 100 and 300 x 100 cm. Which can be combined together according to customer's need. The side and back walls can be easily taked apart for transport need.

Technical specifications

  • Air capacity: 2400 - 2700 QY m3/h
  • constructive data: Available powers: 1,1 kw - 1400 rides/min 1,5 kw - 1400 rides/min 2,2 kw - 1400 rides/min
  • operation: elettrico