Technical specifications

Gluing machine for foam encased mattresses

Category: GluingApplications Mattresses

Based on our previous experiences, we wanted to redesign and produce a machine that was the fastest, most precise, efficient, performing and flexible ever ...the result is Crossjet!

Crossjet is our mattresses gluing machine based on Hot Melt technology. It is equipped with guns for adhesive application, which number may vary depending on customers request and necessities. Thanks to this technology the glue can be applied on the edges, front and back, left and right. While the central application can be straight or swinging. All kinds of configurations are possible, giving che chance to our customers to customize the machine according to his wishes and to change whenever necessary. Moreover, the machine is equipped with a laser sensor which automatically detects the height of the layer, bringing the adhesive appliers at the right quota. Side lasers detects also the position from left and right, after the layer has been aligned with the entrance belt from its left side. 


Technical specifications

  • Adhesive nozzles available: Depending on customer request
  • Code: CRJ00001
  • constructive data: Programmable via a full color Panel PC, possibility to save the working programs,
  • Installed power: 3 Kw (melter excluded)
  • note: Compliant with CE rules
  • Speed: adjustable 0-30 m/min