Bravo SP2 Tf

Technical specifications

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Category: GluingApplications

Bravo Sp2 TF spray gun has been specially designed for applying water based bi-component adhesives, created to meet requirements for safeguarding the environment and workers' safety. With the Bravo Sp2 Xm spray gun, adhesive and catalyst are mixed externally during the nebulisation stage to avoid product reaction inside the base of the project and togheter with a low incidence angle of the superb precision working, it permits prefect, homogeneus mixing of the two components with extremely low-pressure atomisation (with subsequent reduction in dispersion into the work area). The spray gun is available in both the classic version with power supply from below (Bravo Sp2 BF) and from above (Bravo Sp2 TF), the latter is also produced in a left-handed model (Bravo Sp2 TF-L).


Technical specifications

  • Adhesive nozzles available: 1,0-1,3-1,5-1,8-2,0 mm.
  • constructive data: Excellent product nebulization, perfect mixing thanks to the exclusive catalyst pre-nebulization system, low nebulization pressure and reduction in dispersion
  • note: Fan head available on request
  • weight: 0,75 Kg