Techno Electronic

Technical specifications

Category: Filling and PaddingApplications Sofas and Armchairs

Techno Electronic is our new and modern machine to cover sofas' and armchairs' cushions. Our new machine, as a result of a constant work of research and design, helps to insert the cushions (made of various materials) in their respective covers (leather or fabric covers) in a simple, accurate and fast way, instantaneously setting itself according to the different models, shapes and dimensions of the cushions in production. The machine is controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) and it can record in it's memory a large number of different cushion models to be covered, by loading from the PLC's memory the data of a model, the machine will automatically set according with the data and will run the cycle of manufacturing according to such parameters. For this feature, this machine suits perfectly production cycles characterized by an extreme variety of different models and various dimensions, with great advantages in terms of productivity. The cushions, after being covered, are pneumatically pushed out by the machine, without any effort by the operator; furthermore, during such phase, it is possible to adjust easily the cover in a very careful way on the cushion that, when completely out of the machine, will not need be further adjusted. Control buttons are on a side consolle and the different operation steps are shown on the display of the PLC (it is possible to select the wished language within a list of available ones). The machine is controlled step by step by a pedal drive..


Technical specifications

  • Accessories: PLC control ( programmable logical control )
  • Code: THN0001
  • Dimensions: 145 x 175 x 110h cm
  • Drive: pedal drive
  • operation: Electric - Pneumatic
  • Safety equipment: Emergency Stop botton, cushion sensor, grids
  • weight: 320 Kg