Silo Xperform

Technical specifications

Category: Filling and PaddingApplications Cushions and pillows

Our Silo machines, Basic and Xperform models, are the solution to optimize the filling system of cushions for forniture, sofas and armchairs and assure a constant inflow and continous filling machines by reducing the processing time, and allow for mixture of different materials. Both systems work with all filling materials such as wood chips of foam, ribbon, feathers etc. Our Silo manage to mix the materials and automatically supply them to our filling machine dumbo, but Xperform version limits fiber stress drastically. This is possible by means of an inverter installed on the machine which allows wings speed control and the possible timed inversion of the blades and of the mixing as well. For both models it's available (on request) an electric fan to supplie the Silo quickly and automatically (Electric Hurricane 315) and/or a special device with load cells that allow to weight the quantity of material inside the Silo. In addition, Xperform and Basic Silo can be part of our complete line of fiber proccessing and filling pillows along with CombyCat and/or CombyBall, Grizzly, CombyMove etc.



Technical specifications

  • Accessories: Touch Screen control system with PLC, Empty-Full device system (on request), inspection window
  • Code: SIL00019
  • Dimensions: 125 x 125 cm (on floor), max dimensions 245 cm
  • Height: 220 cm
  • Installed power: 1 Inverter Threephase 400 V / 1,5 kw
  • Load volume: 2,5 mc approx.
  • operation: Electric 400 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Safety equipment: automatic overload cutout, minimum tension trip coil, emergency stop botton
  • weight: 635 Kg