Technical specifications

Category: Filling and PaddingApplications Cushions and pillows

BagXpress is a bags filling machine which can be connected to our Silo, or to any other of our fiber processing machines, to prepare bags of materials ready for stocking or delivery. This machine is equipped with a powerful fan (Hurricane 250) which allows to quickly transfer the material in appropriate bags. Also it has a particular filling systema that allows the air outlet so as to be able to also use plastic bags without any problems. Our BagXpress is equipped with a powerful suction system (vacuum) can reduce drastically in a few seconds the volume of the filled bag. The height of the machine is adjustable in order to adapt the machine to different bag's dimension.

Technical specifications

  • Code: BAG00001
  • Cooling fan: 1,1 kw, 400V three-phase
  • Dimensions: 130 x 120 cm
  • Drive: Pneumatic foot pedal control
  • Height: 200 cm
  • operation: Electric connection 400 V Three-phase + neutral ( 5 poles )
  • Suction (vacuum) System: 1 electric fan 1,2 kw, 230 V mono-phase
  • weight: 300 Kg