Grizzly 25HP

Technical specifications

Category: Fiber ProcessingApplications Cushions and pillows

Grizzly 25 Hp is our electric shredding machine designed to process polyurethane and rubber foam wastes, to reduce in waste to dispose of and saving at the same time (re cycling wastes into filling materials).
The shredded foam is drive out the machine (i.e. into our Silo) by a powerful fan and foam chips’ bore can be adjusted by using different sizes of outlet meshes.
The powerful 380 V three phases motor is generous in high performances and the height of the conveyor with its revolving wing guarantee the machine to operate in high level safety conditions.


Technical specifications

  • Code: GRZ00036
  • Dimensions: 125 x 125 cm (side connection included)
  • Height: 225 cm
  • Motor: 400 V Three-phases, 25 Hp
  • operation: Electric
  • Outlet pipe diameter: 140 mm
  • Production capacity: 175 kg/h approx.
  • Safety equipment: automatic overload cutout, minimum tension trip coil, emergency stop botton
  • weight: 500 kg