Technical specifications

Category: Fiber ProcessingApplications Cushions and pillows

CombyCat is Quarrata Forniture’s answer to the fibre’s wastes recycling topic (such as wadding, etc.), allowing to use them, reducing the costs, saving in new materials purchasing and giving a good help in environmental care.
CombyCat is a carding machine able to card short and long fibre and to fray the fibre’s wastes. The material at the outlet of the machine has a quality which is good enough for most of the applications but can be improved if connecting CombyCat to our carding machine mod. Tasmania. In this way, without increasing the processing time, it’s possible to get really high quality recycling results with the wastes of all kind of fibres used in upholstery.
CombyCat increase the range of our machines for cushion filling and waste recycling such as the Silo, the cushion filling machine Dumbo and our foam shredding machine Grizzly.


Technical specifications

  • Code: COM00002
  • Dimensions: 250 x 125 cm
  • Height: 120 cm
  • Motor: 400 V Three-phases (8kw) - 3 motors
  • Production capacity: 80/100 kg/h
  • weight: 500 kg