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Quarrata Forniture

Quarrata Forniture is a well established production reality based in Tuscany. We have produced machines for the upholstery industry for more than 20 years. Since its establishment in 1994, the company has broadened its activity, successfully entering in the mattresses industry, fibre processing industry and pillow and cushion filling industry. Nowadays the company portfolio comprehends more than 60 different machines.

 As machines producers, we combine the Italian heritage of craftsmanship with the most advanced and sustainable industrial production guidelines.

Through our constant activity of research and development, driven by our customers needs, we have redefined the technological stardards of the industries where we compete with our machines.

Our relentless research of “a more efficient solution”, inspired by the  brought us to several breakthrough innovations, as testified by the 10 patents produced in less than two years.

 Our mission is to become a key reference point for the marketplaces where we operate, delivering to our customers a machine that:

  • Outperforms those of the competitors
  • Has a cutting edge technology
  • Has a price accessible to the vast majority of the players
  • Ensures the most advanced safety systems to the worker
  • Has a good-looking design

Quarrata Forniture activity is driven by company’s constant attention to its stakeholders, whose support contributes to its success.